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COVID 19 = Death? Who is Doing the Math?

Please think critically. Question the Math I am learning that America is populated by people who lack basic math skills. Combine that with a preponderance of people with no desire to think critically and you have COVID 19 = Death. June 26, 2020 Austin, TX - Austin Mayor Steve Adler (Addled) is in full panic mode now that the doom and gloom medical authorities have announced that not only are we in a second wave of the virus, it is worse than they had anticipated. He is closing the bars and rolling back restaurants to a 50% capacity. This spells doom for Austin businesses. Austin is only one city of the hundreds who are led by politicians with more than their fair share of ignorance, and the knack for acting spontaneously upon inaccurate information. When the COVID 19 virus became synonymous with death, it handed down a verdict of death to the US economy. Whether you call it the Wuhan Virus, Corona Virus, or COVID 19 virus, it has yet to kill anyone. Many with t

LA Comic Keith Reza Interviews Craig Rainey

Click here to here LA Comic Keith Reza interview Craig Rainey on his Reza Rifs Podcast.

Self-Publishing in a World of Books: Cover Art

 This article is the first in an 11-part series on self-publishing. The unprecedented access to self-publishing has done more to distance the typical start-up writer from his or her dream of being a successful author than any barriers erected by traditional publishing house resources. If you have a dream of writing a single book, or launching your career as a prolific author, you will have decisions to make. Make no mistake, the publishing part of your writing career will overshadow the creation of artistic prose. I learned this the hard way. “There was no interest in my book at all” In 2018 I published Massacre at  Agua Caliente - A Western Tragedy . I designed the cover in Photoshop and Draw Perfect. I built the novel’s content in Word, creating my own format. Using CreateSpace, Amazon's old book creator process, my book was easy to bring to market. Like many of you, I thought the market would take care of the rest.  I was wrong. There was no interest