COVID 19 = Death? Who is Doing the Math?

Please think critically. Question the Math

I am learning that America is populated by people who lack basic math skills. Combine that with a preponderance of people with no desire to think critically and you have COVID 19 = Death.

June 26, 2020 Austin, TX - Austin Mayor Steve Adler (Addled) is in full panic mode now that the doom and gloom medical authorities have announced that not only are we in a second wave of the virus, it is worse than they had anticipated. He is closing the bars and rolling back restaurants to a 50% capacity. This spells doom for Austin businesses.

Austin is only one city of the hundreds who are led by politicians with more than their fair share of ignorance, and the knack for acting spontaneously upon inaccurate information.

When the COVID 19 virus became synonymous with death, it handed down a verdict of death to the US economy. Whether you call it the Wuhan Virus, Corona Virus, or COVID 19 virus, it has yet to kill anyone. Many with the virus have succumbed to underlying conditions, but most people who have contracted the virus and lived, report that it was no more than a serious case of the flu to them.

Please examine the statistics and understand that what is presented on CDC web site and others is misleading and inaccurate.

Do you Agree with the Math so Far? You know Nothing about Math

As of today, June 26, 2020 the death rate has reached 127,314 in the US. The site also indicates that the total infections as of today is 2,540,625. The data on the site connects the correlation between increased infections and deaths. It additionally connects the infection rate with the hospitalization rate. Several sites project future infection rates and death rates increasing by days and weeks. The current death rate is expressed as a percentage of infections. Currently it is at 5.1%.

Do you agree with the math so far? If you do, you know nothing about math or statistics. The variables being computed are not the true factors contributing to these statistics. If the death rate is directly associated with the measured infection rate, then that means that if we stopped testing, no one else would die of the virus.

What is that supposed to mean??

Remember, you couldn’t get permission to get tested during the first few months unless you were referred by a doctor’s order. That means that only the sick were tested. In the past 2 months testing rates have increased dramatically as more test kits have become available. The CDC has estimated that as much as 80% of the population is infected with the virus.

As a society we document every death that occurs in the United States. Each death certificate includes a cause of death. The US Census Bureau estimates that 2.5 million people die each year. Many of those who died did so with no medical treatment, no hospitalization, and no tests run while they were alive. They did not postpone their deaths until the cause was diagnosed. They died and their death counted towards the total of 2.5 million per year. In a country with a population of 326.7 million, that brings the death rate to 0.076%. That is less than 1% of the population.

Be Careful of Stats. They can be dangerous in the wrong hands

Less than 0.08% of the population has been tested to date, about as many who die each year. That means that of the possibly infected, more than 324 million Americans have not been tested for Corona Virus. If someone who has never been tested dies of the virus, will they be counted in the COVID 19 death toll? Of course, they will. In what way could that death be attributed to the tested infection rate? It cannot!

The death rate must be computed based upon the total number of individuals affected by the virus who could contract it according to CDC guidelines for transmission and infection. The total number of people at risk is 326.7 million. Of those, tested or not, 127,314 have died due to complications of the Corona Virus. That makes the true death rate less than 0.004%.

The remedy for the disease is far more destructive than the disease. Let’s get back to work. Open up our society and stop scaring the crap out of those of us who failed math.


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