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The Art of Professional Sales

  My latest book is a departure from the fast paced action adventure novels I consider my stock in trade. The Art of Professional Sales is the book I wish I had read when I started my professional sales career. I DECIDED TO WRITE A SALES TRAINING BOOK because I saw that the art of sales was disappearing from most business models. I am not referring to the pursuit of sales numbers. Every business owner and entrepreneur gives lip service to the importance of sales. To each of these leaders in industry, sales has become a statistical event only. Businesses nowadays seem to relegate their sales numbers to the same circumstance of chance they assign outside production activities to the weather. I see the art of professional selling abandoned by so many. Most sellers, and buyers, consider traditional sales an antiquated practice which no longer works. In the modern age of an informed customer base, and the emergence of compassionate business ownership, sales is considered a discourtesy.